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Couture Bikinis

When it comes to couture bikinis, there are stark differences in the look and construction that make it stand out. Compared to an inexpensive suit, a couture bikini has all the bells and whistles. These luxurious and high-end bikinis use higher quality materials, the craftsmanship is better and the embellishments are fancier. Check out TeenyB Bikini Couture, as they have some of the nicest and best fitting bikinis out on the market today. It all adds up to a look that unmistakably unique and stylish. Most of all, what gives a couture bikini its couture status is the simple fact that very few people will have the exact same suit. No one else is going to have the same richly-colored bikini with beautiful accents. With a couture bikini, you’re almost guaranteed that no one else will be sporting the same look.

Many couture bikinis use a lot of detail to make it stand out, and it’s this same attention to detail that gives it its high-end look. Not only are only the best trims and embellishments used, but they’re put on in a way that ensure it won’t be falling off or hanging askew. The difference, as they say, is in the details.

Designer Bikinis

Many clothing labels are now adding swimwear lines to their collections. These designer bikinis are certainly popular, especially to women who already love the brand’s clothing. As expected, the designer bikinis reflect the look and style of the clothing label and is a great way to extend marketing beyond the streets and to the beach. Like adding handbags, accessories and fragrance to a label, adding a swimwear line is a common move that fashion designers make. If you have a favorite clothing label, definitely look into their swimwear collection.

Metallic Bikinis

If you like shimmery looks, metallic bikini are a great option to sport to the beach. The metallic shine and luster in the materials of these bikinis attract a lot of attention and come in all sorts of colors. If you don’t want an all-over glimmer, there are bikinis with metallic prints as well. It’s up to you how much shine you want to wear.

TeenyB Bikini Couture Metallic Bikini

Zebra Print Bikini

Like the monochrome look? Zebra print bikinis are a great way to look stylish without having to work in any other colors. The immediately recognizable print is always a trendy look to sport at the beach. For those who do like some color, you can find zebra print bikinis in other looks other than black and white. Some are trimmed with bright colors or maybe instead of black, another color is substituted in. Either way, it’s a fashionable look.

Floral Bikini

What woman doesn’t like flowers? Show your love in a floral bikini! These styles come in all kinds of looks from giant leafy flowers to dainty little buds. Floral bikinis are great a way to pack a lot of color into a small amount of fabric.